Kolkata Beggar

Daily Prompt: Silver Linings.


Ugly is the beggar I see on the street. The missing limbs, the missing teeth, the missing family. Ugly is the rancid stench from his torn garments and rotting flesh. Ugly are the stares he invites, the silver rupees he collects, the thoughts of passers by. Where, then, is the silver lining, the beauty in the rancor?

It is in the smile he offers the little girl as they sit down for their evening meal of rice and water. It is the tales he tells as she closes her eyes and lies on the dirt floor.

Oblivious to the ugly.


4 thoughts on “Kolkata Beggar

  1. Read Frangipani Blossom. Such lovely short stories. ‘Kolkata Beggar ‘ highlights the everyday story of poverty and malnutrition in our world. Although, globalization and open markets hold great promises for economic stability in the developing countries, yet, we are struggling to provide basic human needs of food, water and shelter.

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