The Fight!

It’s happened again! There’s another headline about a woman being attacked in Calcutta. This time she’s a TV anchor who grew up in the city but works in Mumbai. She had her 72 year old father with her. The crowds looked on and egged on the molester, according to the newspaper. The girl hit back, took off her shoe and whacked him repeatedly around the head, thereby taking off a part of his ear. (A silent cheer erupts from inside my head and heart!)

But overall, I’m disgusted and fearful. I don’t know if this is media hyping up the situation, I don’t know to what extent the story is accurate but I do know it’s happening somewhere, to someone pretty much everyday. How many unreported cases are there? How many people springing from a ‘low birth’ have been attacked? You need something special about you, rich, beautiful, foreign, educated, a child, for it to be front-page news in The Times.

You’ll see the little blue insert, it’s appalling!

Week of Horror from Times of India

Week of Horror from Times of India

I’m sending my daughter to Karate lessons; she’s starting this Thursday. I received pleas from my parents, from across the ocean, months ago, to start her on some sort of martial arts. But it’s really high time. It’s in me now, the fear!

I’m afraid and I’m angry and I’m confident that if I were attacked I’d use my anger to hurt someone who was hurting me. I say that but actually I’m not sure how effective I would be. I’m rambling. I’m thinking out loud, or on paper, or whatever! All I know is that I don’t know!

This morning’s headlines have got me in a spin. What do we have to do? The anchor, who was attacked says we have to reclaim the city, and she’s right! But how?

Personally I’m helpless! Personally, I think castration! Or a chemical which stops a man from ever having an erection. “You look at me the wrong way and I spray you with a lethal weapon…down, goes your manhood!” That’ll teach ‘em!

I’m done with the gentle, gentle approach. Education is the key and all that? That takes too long! I’m opting for violence and blood! I’m praying for annihilation and a clean slate, where God says, “thou shalt not disrespect a woman (or a man)” and mortals listen. I think that’s only fair. I’ve lost hope in this world.

But wait…

I’m so glad I did not post this straight away. This is how I felt this morning…but not now, after a meeting with a friend, I’m certain that although all of the above is true, we’ve got to keep fighting. She is…and she’s asked me to. It’s the least I can do. I’m not going down without a fight!


6 thoughts on “The Fight!

  1. Very well said ! Yes I can understand the fear but this is life you know ! Everything happens which has to happen….. The karate classes sounds good to fight 😉 Love the article 🙂 xx

  2. Brave of you to share your thoughts. Your daughter will learn from you. Teach her to be proud and strong and to set a good example for her peers. As my daughter walked alone in NYC for the first time yesterday, I encouraged her to be proud and strong – and reminded her to zip her handbag and keep her wits about her. Danger lurks everywhere, especially for women.

    • Thanks Sally, letting go, watching your daughter leave for NY is pretty brave in itself.

      You’re right, I’ve got yo teach my daughter to stand proud snd strong. She’ll be ok, as will your daughter. But we need to give them the tools to fight if needs be. Thanks for the follow. Love your blog!

  3. I felt exactly the same sentiments like you, this is a topic that makes me all hot and cold! I don’t currently live in India, but the last time I was there, I was almost paranoid with the fear of men misbehaving at every situation. If you wish, you can read a post I’d written on my experience on it! :)

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