a-sunset-view-from-aThought I should share a little of what I have been writing, considering the wonderful support I have received from fellow bloggers. 🙂 Thank you again, for taking the time to comment, or read, or follow or like. It means a lot!

Frangipani Blossom

Another excerpt from my novel. 

Please fee free to comment 🙂

“Slowly, slowly now.”

Shibani heard the voice from far away. She was on the floor of their living room. They had three bedrooms now and an attic room. Tara was at university and Max, their son, was studying  at Tara’s old school. Her husband was looking at her, propping her up against himself. Concern in his eyes, pity perhaps? What was she doing there, what had happened?

“You fainted,” came the reply from her son, as if he knew what she asked.

“Baba? Was it a dream?”

“No. He passed away this afternoon.” Mark’s face was set in apology, braced for the worst. 

Fresh tears fell. Hot against her cheeks. Her father had been the constant. He never left her. She left him. They all did.

“Ma?” Shibani could only manage one thought at a time, barely being able…

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