Fear Alone, is Death

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Words Like Star Drops

I’m terrified! I’ve come this far and now, because of the effort involved and the risks there are, I cannot move forward.

What risks? The risk of rejection, the risk of criticism, the risk of having a manuscript that I have poured my soul into, become someone else’s litter tray lining.

I have never come this far before and I feel out of my depth, drowning in the words and ideas and fears so much so, I feel like I can’t breathe.

Honestly, I’m finding myself learning new nail art techniques, or contemplating going back to teaching again, when I know, deep down I know I only want to write.

A great man once said that, ‘fear alone is death,’ Swami Vivekananda, I believe. I seem to remember seeing a poster in my grandfather’s house with a monk dressed in saffron robes, standing with his arms folded, with the words…

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2 thoughts on “Fear Alone, is Death

  1. You are right, just keep writing. You are truly lucky that you know what you really want to do, deep down. I don’t want to do what I did before anymore and am hopping from one whim to another just to figure out what makes me truly happy that I can pursue. I have nearly spent 2 years in this quest and am still not there yet! There is this burning desire to do something but with no idea of what to do. But you know what you want to do with passion and your half battle is won already. Just keep at it….write for yourself, to make YOU happy. You will end up publishing sooner or later anyways because you are really good at it too. Just keep writing!!

    • Thanks, Chaitra..
      It’s really hard to be able to find your passion, but once i t happens there’s no turning back. Everything else pales to insignificance. And yes, I should write for ME.

      I am so grateful that I can touch one reader, at least, so thank you for reading and all the kind comments. They mean a lot!

      I wish you all the best in your search for your calling. It will come and when it does, the world will be just that little bit richer, because I know how talented you are!

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