The Formlessness of the Mundane

This is why I can’t work on the weekends!

Words Like Star Drops

Today I am dogged by the mundane. The fans need cleaning, the yogurt and eggs need purchasing, the spare set of pillowcases need locating. The wardrobe rail needs replacing, the milkman came late and the bread man did not deliver. Subtitles need typing and numbers need crunching. Workers need chasing and children need soothing and I am exhausted by the day to day.

How can I search for beauty in a day like this? 

I long to write about the faces in the shadows on my walls, or the softness of my pillow as I lay my head down to rest. I long to find the wishes in the smoke and the message in the songs of the birds as they flit and chitter by my window. 

I long to see the dragons in the clouds, as they breathe fire and wind and I long to see the form in…

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