The Legend of Merida and Kes

Frangipani Blossom

For all of you who are following my progress, it’s very slow. I’m halfway through the NaNoWriMo experience and I can tell you already that I’m behind. I’ve got a lot to do, but, I’m happy. I’ve created a story within a story, sort of within a story and although the edits are going to be massive at the end…it’s shaping up to be an epic of sorts. Below is the Legend of Merida and Kes:

Kytö gently got up, out of bed and went to his files. He searched for the legend of Merida and Kes and tapped to begin. Icons as options appeared, he needed text only, and he read:

“The legend of Merida and Kes tells the tale of a love only imagined. Fierce and relentless, the love took hold of the two never to leave them. It is said even after death, the souls are linked…

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