About barelyherenorthere

I am a teacher by profession. That had defined me for so long. It took a while to find out who else I could become.

I lived in the UK all my life but my family and I decided to take a chance on a new beginning. We moved to Kolkata, India and lived there for three and a half years. It changed us completely. It awakened a truth I ignored for too long; I am a writer, an Indian. It gave us a perspective and appreciation of life that we may never have had, had we stayed in the UK. And now we are back. Life will never be the same again!


22 thoughts on “About barelyherenorthere

      • Only way to travel 🙂 Enjoy the journey and always remember that everything life throws at us is a lesson….and it’ll keep throwing the same lesson until we learn what we need to in order to move on to the next one! Gotta love life eh? Danni

  1. Hi, and welcome to The Sun Drips Honey. I’m glad you’ve joined our reader family. Please find my Friends page, and leave some information about yourself and your blog. I look forward to you joining our conversation. Welcome!

    • Hi! Yes, a tad nosy!(JOKE) Basically my husband was offered a job here and it was really too good an opportunity to turn down. We’re both basically the type of people who don’t really plan much, but like to see where life takes us…at least that’s what I tell myself. 😉

  2. A brave and bold choice to move to an amazing yet challenging country like India. Good luck with the expat adventure ahead of you. 🙂

  3. I’ve only just begun looking at word press so haven’t quite sussed it out fully yet.However I really like your subject material, and one thing you are, is a good writer. Looking forward to more.

    • Thank you for your really kind words! WordPress is ace! I’m glad my husband pointed me in the right direction towards it otherwise, during this time of transition, i’m not sure what i would have done. Thank you again. 🙂

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