Bloody Pumpkins Everywhere!


Don’t you just hate Halloween? I am the Scrooge of All Hallow’s Eve or whatever the f*#£ they decide to call it. This Americanised, bastardised evil which is upon us means nothing to me except, of course, entitled children demanding sugary treats, sometimes accompanied by smug, sometimes tired looking adults, sometimes “in the effing spirit of it all”, dressed up like a sexy cat! What’s all that about? Bestiality or something? Leave me alone to enjoy my evening away from people. Anyway! F-off Halloween and take your crappy, carved monstrosities of the organic fruit and veg isle, with you! pumpkin


Kolkata Beggar

Daily Prompt: Silver Linings.


Ugly is the beggar I see on the street. The missing limbs, the missing teeth, the missing family. Ugly is the rancid stench from his torn garments and rotting flesh. Ugly are the stares he invites, the silver rupees he collects, the thoughts of passers by. Where, then, is the silver lining, the beauty in the rancor?

It is in the smile he offers the little girl as they sit down for their evening meal of rice and water. It is the tales he tells as she closes her eyes and lies on the dirt floor.

Oblivious to the ugly.