Halloween, Racism’s Biggest Party

And I thought I hated Halloween. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Am rebloggling.

Media Diversified

CONTENT NOTE: This piece will discuss issues of racism, misogyny, misogynoir, and domestic violence.

by Shane Thomas

You’re not to know this about me, but I hate Halloween. I always have done. Even when I participated in ‘trick or treat’ on a couple of occasions when I was a child, I was secretly wishing I was back home controlling the adventures of Super Mario on my old NES.

But my problems with Halloween go beyond any individual dislike of crowds of people and dressing up. While many look forward to this time of year – some of my friends among them – this is often a frustrating and enraging time for people of colour.pumpkin

If you’ll indulge me this digression; Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, London society was dominated by the aristocracy during the summer months. A key element of this era being the parties, often used…

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